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The Aroma Therapy Massage

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Why Choose this Massage?
When is a relaxation massage suitable?

  • When you have a busy life in which a lot is asked of you. The relaxation massage is a wonderfully soft massage to give yourself that moment of peace and deep relaxation.

  • You want to be healthy and consciously involved with your body and your life, then giving yourself a massage regularly is a good way to recharge and relax. 

  • You have little energy, you are overtired, you feel lifeless and feel not productive. A relaxation massage helps you to relax your body and mind and to provide you with new energy.

  • You are highly sensitive and you are sensitive to the energy of others and of stimuli in your environment. A relaxation massage helps you to remove the excess tension and energy and bring your body back into balance in a gentle way.

  • If you have problems of psychosomatic nature, such as back pain, headaches, pain in the neck, stomach, and/or intestinal complaints. A relaxation massage helps to release tension and softens complaints. It will help you to let go and drain the tension. 

  • If you're going through a difficult period in your life or have a lot going on and are always active, then a relaxing massage will give you the opportunity to take a break and put your brain on pause. It will help you to naturally process the things going on in your life.

  • A relaxation massage in the evening ensures that you have a better night's rest.

Relaxing Massage
When is an energizing massage suitable?

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  • A massage can be both relaxing or energizing, depending on what you prefer.

  • An energizing massage is also called an activated massage, it's most suitable before your exercise. I call it a passive warm-up.

  • The techniques used will have a revitalizing effect, promotes a faster metabolism, and draining of the waste.

Which signature techniques are used?

The Classic Swedish Massage is symbolized among others by the use of long strokes (effleurages), muscle kneading (petrissage), the use of friction, shaking, or vibrating movements and tapping motions (tapotage) to stimulate blood flow.

A relaxing and activating massage mainly differs in rhythm and the speed of the strokes used.

The Aroma Therapy Massage

45 min.


The Aroma Therapy Massage

60 min.


The Aroma Therapy Massage

75 min.


The Aroma Therapy Massage

90 min.


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