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Facial Temporarily Unavailable!

For our facials we have chosen to work with the CASMARA product line, for its quality skincare products. Which are suitable for all skin types.

Why we chose Casmara

Why we use Casmara

All our Casmara Mask treatments are the best choice in professional cosmetics to provide excellent nourishment for each specific skin type. The 6-phase treatments include deep cleansing, multiple serum inductions, face massage, and powerful masks.

It's an intelligent multi-action cosmetic that reactivates and rejuvenates the skin thanks to the high levels of nourishment and energy provided at the cell level, and for its revolutionary night-time repair effect that helps to recover the balance impaired by aging, providing an overall improvement to the skin. By day: nourishes, energizes, moisturizes, and protects the skin, wrapping it in a layer of extraordinary comfort. At night: intensely repairs and regenerates.

Our Casmara Face Masks Treatments

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